A few notes for those who want to add their books in Libribooks.

What is Libribooks

Libribooks is a portal for selling rare, antique and out of print books, which has been programmed according to strict logic and technical outlines, to guarantee the easiest access to books and the most evidence from the search engines.
Libribooks defines clearly the bookshop contacts in the book form, leaving the buyer free to choose between a direct purchase or an online purchase without commission.
Libribooks also offers a real time cataloguing of the subjects from the archive and provides the navigator with subject, author, title, and keyword search.

What libribooks offers to bookshops

Book registration from the database provided us via e-mail. Updating guaranteed within 24 hours of sending.
Easy deleting of sold books forms.
Custom book form design. Bookshop direct changes faculty to online terms and conditions of purchase.
Possibility to include high resolution images to accompany book forms.
Security and assistance

Security standards for data use, internet connection, and archives contents.
Daily complete database backup.
Step by step telephone assistance for the completion of the database.

How much it costs
database books yearly fee
< 1000 100 € + iva
between 1000 and 15000 200 € + iva
> 15000 300 € + iva

No commission for the purchaser or the bookshop.
No limit on updating frequency.
No limit on number of books to be sold.
2 months free license.


ing. Fabio Mattei
fax: +39 0534 8830880

NoPress Edizioni Elettroniche
via Vigne, 40 - 40033 Castel di Casio (Bo)

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