What is LibriBooks??

Our Vision
Libribooks Libribooks is aimed at increasing the distribution of quality literature through web devices that help searching databases from specialist bookshops. Such bookshops subscribe to our mission of shared culture and its broad distribution for the purpose of enhancing cultural awareness amongst people.

Our Mission
Our mission is to develop a portal that may simplify the search and purchase of books in order to extend the market for ancient and rare books. Libribooks is an incentive for the exchange of knowledge because it implements support services such as innovative devices for enhanced users' cooperation and more information and details on the books and authors. This contributes to increased value of the sales and increased incentives for the users.

Your input and further developments:
We are constantly updating on new technologies, to establish a high technology and productivity level of our search and info-sharing systems. We are happy to welcome suggestions from our users, as you are the very base of our own objective.

Libribooks staff

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